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It's not just our wonderful care workers that provide our service to you. There's a team of people at our Head Office and Extra Care sites that co-ordinate and manage the quality of the service. Here's an introduction to some of them!

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Our Home Care team

We're delighted to introduce you to our Home Care team!

Putting a face to a name makes the experience of talking to someone on the phone so much better! Now you can see who you're talking to!


Holly Mohamed

Head of Domiciliary Care and Registered Manager

Hello, my name is Holly and I manage our domiciliary care services. I have worked for K2C for 2 and a half years and have a number of years managerial experience within the Domiciliary Care industry. I started my journey in Health and Social Care as a care worker, and quickly found that this was the career path I wanted to take. My goal was to eventually become a Registered Manager and I’ve now progressed to Head of Domiciliary Care! The knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my career has set my expectations for the provision of high quality care.

Oisin O’Conchubhuir

Care Manager

Hello, my name is Oisin (If you are struggling with that then say washin' without the ‘W’).
I am the Care Manager for our domiciliary service and I have worked here at Derbyshire Care Services since July 2019. We have a fantastic team here and we are very proud of the high-quality service that we provide to our customers. I have done many jobs in my time and have never felt such job satisfaction as I do working in the adult social care sector.


Alysia Barber

Senior Care Coordinator for Mickleover

Hello, my name is Alysia Kate Barber, AKA ‘Barb’. I am a Senior Care Coordinator at Derbyshire Care services and have been working for DCS for 5 years this year.
My role is very varied, but my main responsibility is to support the other coordinators and create rotas for the Mickleover area.
I enjoy my job and the responsibilities my role brings. I love meeting and speaking with my customers and carers, and always try to provide support to my team in any way I can.

Chris Dunn

Care Coordinator for Littleover and Blagreaves

Hi, I’m Chris, Care Coordinator for Littleover and Blagreaves for Derbyshire Care Services.
I line manage a team of brilliant carers who I am proud to say are some of the most passionate people I have ever come across.
The best part about my role is being able to help others,including both carers and customers.
I have a strong sense of pride knowing that we have delivered some great outcomes throughout my time with the company.

Eloise-Mae Aisthorpe

Care Coordinator for Allestree and Darley

Hi, I’m Eloise, Care Coordinator for Allestree and Darley at Derbyshire Care Services.
I have built some fantastic working relationships with my carers and am so proud to have them as part of my team.
I have a passion for helping others and am always keen to ensure the clients are happy and fulfilled with the care they are receiving from our company.

Akraz Begum

Care Coordinator for Central

My name is Akraz Begum and I am the Central and Asian care coordinator for Derbyshire care services. I have now been working for the company for three years and my passion is to deliver excellent customer service, as it brings me great job satisfaction.
I am fluent in Urdu and Punjabi, which enables me to effectively communicate with customers and meet their specific needs. I have been working in care for over 10 years which has built my skills and knowledge to cover my role. I am very passionate about my role at Derbyshire care Services.    

Shanice Clayton

Care Coordinator for Chellaston, Sinfin, Allenton and Shelton Lock

My name is Shanice Clayton and I am the Care Coordinator for the south area in Derby, covering Sinfin, Chellaston, Shelton Lock & Allenton.
I have been working for Derbyshire Care Services for 4 years.
I started my journey with DCS as an operational assistant, and then progressed to coordinating my own area.
My job is very challenging but very rewarding. as care is one of my many passions.

Kerry Holt

Care Coordinator for Alvaston, Allenton and Boulton

Hi, I’m Kerry and I have worked for Derbyshire Care Services for over 10 years.
When I first joined the company I worked as a carer, which I loved, but eventually decided to move to the office to become a coordinator.
I have a great team of carers working with me to provide a great service to our customers. I love my job as I regularly get to meet and spend time with the people we support.


Amanda Leary

Quality and Assurance Team Manager

Hello, my name is Amanda and I manage a team of assessors and senior carers who will meet with you to write your support plan in line with your needs, wishes and choices.
I monitor these carefully, to ensure that we can deliver you a person-centred care package. I am available to any customer or their next of kin, if you have concerns I will do my utmost to help resolve these for you. I also ensure that all of your carers are completing your support as directed by you by organising and monitoring their observations. You, as our customer, are the centre of everything that we do.

Nicole Maskrey

Senior Carer

My name is Nicole Maskrey and I am a senior carer.
I joined Key 2 Care in 2018 and I have worked in the care industry for 11 years.
My role as a senior carer involves completing carer observations out in the community, auditing documentation completed by care staff and providing visits to our customers to ensure that we are providing quality care. My ambition is to deliver the best standard of care possible and to ensure we are meeting the needs of the individuals we care for. I am also here to support our staff throughout their career at Key 2 Care.

Deborah Garrett

Senior Carer

Hello, my name is Debbie and I am a Senior Carer.
I joined the company in December 2018 and my main responsibilities are to audit logbooks/MAR sheets, complete quality calls with clients to ensure the service they are receiving is to their satisfaction and I carry out observations on carers in our customer’s homes to ensure they are working in line with our policies.
I complete OT referrals, as well as customer assessments and initial assessments when required.

Hayley Currie

Senior Carer

Hi, I’m Hayley and I am a senior carer working in the Quality Team.
Although I am office based, I do meet our customers on a very regular basis, as part of my role is to be present in the community. During my visits I check that everything is working for our customers and report any concerns back to my manager.
I like to make a difference to people.
I am a people person and like to be a friendly face to our customers and carers, and be there for you to talk to.

Rebecca Mash

Senior Carer

Hello, My name is Becky and I joined Key to Care over 2 years ago. I originally joined as a care coordinator and am now a senior carer working in the Quality Team. I enjoy meeting new people and trying to make a positive change to peoples lives. My job means a lot to me and I’m very passionate about it. I have been so supported by everyone at Key to Care and love working for them.

Salma Akhtar

Quality Assessor 

Hi, my name is Salma Akhtar and I work as a Quality Assessor.
I have been with Derbyshire Care Service for 4 years and started as a carer, and progressed to become an Assessor.
I visit our new and existing clients to help complete their care plan which meets their needs. I get to meet our customers and their families and we build a good relationship where we understand each other and are able to help each other when needed.
I also communicate with other professionals including doctors, district nurses, OTs, Hospital Teams and Social Workers. I enjoy doing my job as I enjoy to care.

Sharon Barrett

Quality Assessor 

Hello, my name is Sharon and I am a Quality Assessor.
I have worked for Derbyshire care services for the last two years.
I have been working in the care sector for approximately 20 years, having various roles.
My role as an assessor is to assess and review all support plans in line with customers wishes, choices and preferences. I really enjoy my job and find it very rewarding as I am able to support individuals to remain living in their own homes where they wish to be.
I cannot think of anything else I would rather do.

Anna Chyla

Quality Assessor 

Hello, my name Anna and I am an assessor in the Quality Assurance team.
My role is to assess and review all support plans inline with customers wishes, needs and choices. I love my job and I love to meet the customers and their families.
I hope that by writing personalised care plans to be followed by carers, I make a difference to the customers lives by ensuring that a great standard of care is delivered to them.

Sue Curley

Quality Assessor 

Hello, my name is Sue and I am a Quality Assessor.
I have worked for Derbyshire Care Services for four years and have been in Social Care for approximately forty years. My role is to assess and review support plans inline with customer wishes, needs and choices. I do this job because I am committed to supporting individuals to remain at home, with the right support. 
I have always had such a role and could not think of anything else I would rather do.

our Extra Care team

We're delighted to introduce you to our Extra Care Management team!

Putting a face to a name makes the experience of talking to someone on the phone so much better! Now you can see who you're talking to!

Patryk Udalowski

Head of Extra Care

Hi, my name is Patryk. Having joined Key 2 Care in May 2020, I currently work in the role of Head Of Extra Care Services. 
It is my responsibility to ensure contractual compliance across all of the services across the Extra Care Division. I strive to provide meaningful and where possible face to face support to all of our managers and staff alike, whilst visiting all schemes on a regular basis. Another vital element of my role is to ensure that appropriate business development opportunities are identified, actioned and commissioned in a timely manner.

Sarah Kingsley

Registered Manager for Parklands View, Greenwich Gardens (acting) and Cedar House - Derby

I'm Sarah and I am the Registered Manager for the Derby Extra Care Schemes. I’ve worked in care for 30 years in various settings. I studied Law at degree level, and I have a good foundation for understanding safeguarding and compliance against the backdrop of the Health and Social Care Act and legislative framework. This means we can protect people and keep them safe. I love my day to day role working with the clients we support alongside great colleagues that make up our experienced team.  We support people to reach and surpass their outcomes and make positive contributions to the community they are a part of.

Lynsey Cartlidge

Registered Manager for St Dominic's Court and Berry Hill Village - Stoke-on-Trent

Hello, I’m Lynsey and I'm the Registered Manager at St Dominic’s Court and Berry Hill Village in Stoke-on-Trent. I have worked for Key 2 Care since September 2019, and in the care industry for 12 years. As part of my current role I complete care plan reviews, supervisions and assessments. I also support and develop my staff team, and thrive on watching them grow. I have a passion for dementia care and ensuring that all of the people in my service are treated with dignity and respect, ensuring services are delivered to high standards.

Marion Martinez

Registered Manager for Camoys Court - Stoke-on-Trent

Hi, my name is Marion and I am the Registered Manager at Camoy’s Court Extra Care in Stoke-on-Trent. I have worked at Camoy’s Court for too many years to remember. In October 2019 Key 2 Care offered me the opportunity to become the Registered Manager, which I was delighted to accept. Since then, I have seen and encouraged the growth within my team. This has at times been challenging, but as a team we have overcome this and continue to provide the best possible care to all of our service users.

Our Head Office Support Team

Both our Home Care and Extra Care divisions are supported by our Head Office team

Here's a brief introduction to the team behind the scenes!

Sarah Francis

Recruitment Administrator

Hello, my name is Sarah and I joined the company in 2019.
I entered the Social Care sector when I was 18 years old as a care assistant, and since have held many care titles and gained multiple qualifications. In the last 3 years I have moved into office based admin roles. I primarily recruit for domiciliary care but provide support to all sectors within the company. I enjoy meeting new people, and I am often the first person a new member of staff meets when they approach Key 2 Care and always aim to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Leia Castledine

Training Administrator 

Hello, my name is Leia and I have been working for Key 2 Care since February 2018.
My job is to make sure that all of our care staff receive all the training that they need to remain current and compliant as per our company expectations, and the Care Quality Commission standards.
During my time here I have developed my skills as an administrator and although I have no care experience, I have an appreciation of how hardworking our carers are and share their passion of making our customers experiences with us the best that they can be.

Farzana Bi
HR Manager
Faye Morrall
HR Officer
Archie Narendra
HR Officer
Beant Kaur
HR Administrator
Asya Javed
Finance Manager
Sophia Matloob
Senior Finance Officer
Amy Frame
Finance Administrator
Anna Hill
Finance Administrator
Kiyani Javed
Finance Administrator
Andrew Harper
Registered Trainer
Ana Wilson
Shaun O'Keefe
IT Manager
Phil Bacon
Business Advisor
Phil Mason
Business Manager
Satinder Bahth
Darshan Bahth

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