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Here at Key 2 Care, we're proud to have partnered with Birdie - an innovative care management platform that enables us to digitally log, track and monitor the support we provide.

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Birdie helps to keep everyone in the loop.

Our carers are guided by the Birdie App to instantly make notes, record medications and flag concerns during a visit. In the office, we're then able to monitor changes in real-time, make decisions quickly and most importantly, ensure we're providing the highest quality care to each and every client.


Birdie for families.

The Birdie Care Circle (Family App) allows family members to get full visibility of how their loved one's care is being delivered, on a daily basis. As a family member, you'll be able to see in real-time:

What can I see on the app?

The Birdie Family app provides a read-only view of the care log. This means you will be able to see visit reports, observations and any concerns raised. There is no limit to the number of days you will be able to see, you will be able to read care reports that have been written since the agency started using Birdie.

You will not be able to see information about any upcoming visits or be able to access the assessments and care plans. You will also not be able to communicate with the care professionals or leave messages on the visits. If you require this information please contact the care manager of your Key 2 Care service directly.

How to download the app

The care manager will need to add you to the care circle, please ask them directly to do this for you. You will then be sent an SMS text message asking you to download the app, please follow the below steps.
Download the app from the playstore or appstore
Enter your number into the app
Wait for a 6 digit code to be sent to you via SMS
Enter the 6 digit code into the appSet a 4 digit passcode (you will use this as your password to access the app)
Select 'continue'
You can now read your loved one's care notes!


Keep up to date with your loved one's care.

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